Interactive – Google marks Chrome’s 3rd birthday with a nifty interactive infographic

Has Google Chrome really been with us for three years? Apparently so, according to thisblog post today from Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher, Software Engineers at Google.

Google made this announcement on 1st September, 2008, though it seems the browser was actually launched the following day. So what’s Google’s take on these past 3 years? Goodger and Fisher say:

“In that time, the web community has continued to inspire us, bringing the power of the web into all kinds of apps and experiences, with all modern browsers making great strides in speed, simplicity and security. To pay homage to the goodness of the web, we’ve put together an interactive infographic, built in HTML5, which details the evolution of major web technologies and browsers.”

You can read a 3-year recap for yourself on its blog post, but if you’re not up for that, it’s really worth taking a look at this infographic, stretching from 1990 through to the present day. The color bands in the visualization represent the interaction between Web technologies and browsers, it’s pretty sweet.

Click on the image below to check it out:

InfographicGoogle Google marks Chromes 3rd birthday with a nifty interactive infographic